Power We don't want to be the most powerful You want skilled horses

Vitamix A2500 vs A3500 They automatically adjust to the box size you select and stop the blender when finished (for Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts). Want to combine without an app? Our easy-to-use controls and virtual timer help you achieve your ideal combination every time. Program Prefs Make smoothies (and more) with a single click. Our application settings provide convenient walk-away results for your favourite blends.

That's why use the chef's favourite logo. But you won't only find us in restaurants. We are also found in domestic kitchens worldwide. Because if you are ready to move on and pass up, ready to spend money on your passion, you are ready for vitamix. A good deal blender is no longer a good deal if it does not last. The Vitamix Blender is an Investment. But Vitamix blenders are built to last, allowing you to buy dependable, not disposable.

2.2 kW You Command: The Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature allow you to fine-tune any recipe. Timer: A built-in timer prevents over- or under-processing your custom recipes. Set the timer to your combination to turn the system off automatically. Inside the Box: the motor base, the low-profile 64 oz. box, and the Simply Blending Cookbook.

Discover the unique things you can do with each Vitamix blender. We're more than smoothie-makers! We're dreamers and doers on a mission to eat better. Discover new ingredients, create classics, and never get bored. Self-Detection Tech This blender knows! The motor base automatically adjusts software settings and most combination times.

Power We don't want to be the most powerful. You want skilled horses, not bigger ones. The Vitamix system works together to create faster, smoother, more flavorful blends. $600 for a blender seems excessive, but I might buy it again. In addition to being built like a tank, the A3500 is quieter than my friends' older Vitamix models. I've only had it a month and have no complaints. Baby Food Manage your toddler's diet. Making nutritious homemade toddler meals in seconds with your Vitamix system.

Every Vitamix smoothie, whether it's icy or not, is a delicious, even blend of vegetables and fruits. We don't aim for the most horsepower. You want educated horses, not more. The Vitamix Machine's centred energy causes everything to work together, creating faster, smoother blends full of flavour. Make smoothies and juices, warm soups, flours and doughs, nut butters, frozen desserts, batters, dressings and sauces, and more.