Regulate the paint's flow. You have complete control over the flow of paint

Wagner Control Pro 170 vs Graco X5 It includes a standard 110v 3-prong American plug. You should be able to acquire a converter that will permit its use. The tip size must correspond to the requirements of the paint. If your paint requires a.017" tip, the supplied.015" tip will not work. Look on the back of the paint can for the appropriate tip size for your paint.

SPRAY MORE PROJECTS EACH YEAR The recommended annual consumption is up to 125 gallons. SPRAY MORE PROJECTS EACH YEAR NPSM is the thread type utilized for the fluid exit. voltage: 110 volts. Rapid and simple cleaning The Power Flush Adaptor can be connected to a garden hose to make cleanup simple and quick. Sprayers from the Graco Project Series make it easy for do-it-yourselfers and handymen to complete small to medium-sized projects with speed and accuracy. With the Magnum X5, do-it-yourself homeowners and handymen receive high-speed, cost-effective performance. These sprayers are ideal for a variety of interior and outdoor painting chores, including decks, siding, fences, and even small homes. In addition to an SG2 Metal Spray Gun, RAC IV 515 Switch Tip, 25 feet of Duraflex paint hose, Pump Armor storage fluid, and a PowerFlush adapter, this package includes a Quick Start-Up Guide, an Operating Handbook, and a PowerFlush adaptor. Fluid Outlet Size (in): 1/4

With HEA technology, it is now easier to paint like a pro The Control Pro 170's High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology eliminates overspray by up to 55% while providing a softer spray, improved control, and a more uniform finish. Metal-only spraying device The Control Pro 170's spray cannon is made completely of metal for increased durability when painting or staining large surfaces. To use a Variety of Materials, This paint sprayer can apply straight from the can interior and exterior paints, stains, 2-in-1 paints and primers, latex, and oil enamel. Powerful Spray Gun: The durable and efficient paint spray pistol is equipped with a 1.60 horsepower HEA pump that allows it to apply undiluted paint and stains. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? This Control Pro sprayer is equipped with a 30 ft. hose, an all-metal gun, and a maximum working pressure of 1,500 psi for spraying large projects efficiently. Annually, it can spray up to 300 gallons.

Wagner's Control Pro 170 paint sprayer applies coatings three times faster than a roller with minimum overspray. It is great for a variety of projects, such as painting the exterior of your home and staining a large deck. Long-lasting Spray System: The HEA pump has a rebuildable fluid section that extends the sprayer's life and is backed by the industry's best and most comprehensive warranty. Airless Technology with Superior Performance: The paint sprayer employs HEA technology, which lowers overspray by up to 55% and delivers a softer spray, thereby enhancing control and producing a more uniform finish.

Regulate the paint's flow. You have complete control over the flow of paint for an any-sized task, as the pressure can be entirely adjusted. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications: Supports paint hoses up to 75 feet in length, allowing you to expand your reach for your projects. Spray Unthinned Paint: The Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to spray unthinned paint at a very high pressure. The RAC IV Switch Tip allows you to continue spraying even if the tip becomes obstructed by allowing you to reverse it.