When the ink heads clog, all you have to do

Canon Pixma ip8720 vs ix6820 Will the ink "dry out" or the heads clog if I only use this printer a few times a year? Print wirelessly from any computer with a Wi-Fi connection in the house; Sizes of ink droplets: 1, 2, and 5 Please refer to the user manual, which is available as a PDF file in the product description section.

When the ink heads clog, all you have to do is clean them if you know how to maintain a printer. Regardless of what others claim, any printer like this will dry up after months of sitting. I've used this printer for 6 years, and it's about to run out of ink. Fine print head technology is used with Air Print, Google Cloud Print, and Pixma Printing Solutions (PPS) (Full photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering) 5 separate ink tank system with high performance. 150-sheet auto sheet feeding

What do you do with the 11x17 paper that needs to be fed? Is it possible to place it in the tray below or must it be placed on top? How many sheets does it hold if it's on top, so I'm not stuck babysitting a print job all day?

Ink the paper completely. (1) After the paper support has been opened, pull it out. (2) Pull the front cover back gently. Important The disc tray guide should be closed (A). (3) Take off the printer's output tray. (4) Slide open the paper guides (B) and position the paper in the centre of the back tray, print side facing you. (5) Slide the paper guides (B) to the left and right to align them with both sides of the paper stack. Do not squish the paper guides too hard. It's possible the paper isn't being fed properly. Important When loading paper, always utilise the portrait orientation (C). When you load paper in landscape orientation, you may have paper jams (D). NOTE: This printer makes excellent and high-quality copies. If you need a production printer that can make a lot of copies, it's best to go to a copy store and have them do it. If you're looking for a few unique prints, this is the place to go. The highest number of copies that can be loaded at once, I believe, is roughly 25. The response before it ("Copies but does not scan") is inaccurate. According to the printer and the user manual, the iP8720 does not have scan capabilities. It's not a fax machine, scanner, or copier; it's just a printer. If you need to scan and copy, you'll need a different machine. The main advantage of the iP8720 is large-format printing (up to around 13" by 19"). If you don't need such functionality, you'd be much better off with a standard-format all-in-one.